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Elenhya Ravenswood Biography

Leander and Avaline Ravenswood were the Lord and Lady of a small hamlet set away from the hustle and bustle of city life. They were much beloved by the townspeople they looked over and treated them as extended family rather than the peasants and serfs they were. The Ravenswoods believed that if the “lowest” of the people prospered then they all prospered.

Leander was a knight of noble birth, Avaline a weaver who it was said had the gift of sight through her weaving. Often she would fall into trances for days weaving visions of things to come for good or ill for her people. She believed that even though the Gods were not “present” they had never left, and through her work offered counsel to those that would hear.

They led a very peaceful, happy existence and wanted for nothing. Nothing, except for a child which seemed to not be in the cards for them.

Avaline set her heart on the betterment of her people and put aside thoughts of what she did not have and instead tried to focus on all the blessings she did have. But in her heart of hearts she always knew that she would never feel whole without the love of a child. Leander saw the quiet sadness that Avaline tried to mask and it pained him. He too wished for a child, a son to carry on the line, to look after his people when the time came when he was no longer able to. Not wishing to cause his beloved anymore pain he tried to put these thoughts aside and lead a happy life.

And so the years passed with much prosperity and happiness. The small hamlet flourished and Leander and Avaline were very thankful for all of the blessings in their lives.

Then the day came where it seemed Avaline’s prayers had finally been heard by the Gods. Through some miracle she was with child. There was much rejoicing and relief throughout the hamlet as the people knew that with the promise of an heir their fate would be secure.

The months passed quickly and as Avalines happiness grew, the visions became more and more regular in her weaving. Tales soon spread outside of the hamlet of the Lady Avaline who could predict ones fate through her skilled hands.

On a clear, bright moon filled evening Avaline gave birth to a baby girl, not the boy that was hoped for. Any disappointment in Leander’s heart vanished the first moment that his daughter grasped his pinky and looked up at him with her clear gray violet eyes. She seemed to have a grace about her that calmed and seeped into all around her. She was a happy child, hardly ever cried and they named her Elenhya, calling her Nhya as a pet name.

Leander took it upon himself to train her in the art of the sword, educating her in all things determined that she would indeed be the heir to watch over the hamlet when he and Avaline passed. Avaline taught Nhya the skill of weaving and the use of medicinal herbs and poultices for minor healing. Their existence was a happy one, and so the years passed.

As Nhya reached her late teens the air in the hamlet began to change. Travelers cam more frequently and with them problems. Fights began to break out amongst the townspeople, petty squabbles that were unheard of in the past. It seemed that a cloud had descended blocking the light and cheer that usually was the mood of the village. The people seemed tired, saddened and suspicious of each other. Avalines visions were taking a disturbing edge to them, mirroring the changes and violence that seemed to be seeping into the town insidiously like a evil slowly coming to life. Leander did his best to quell his peoples fears and prepare his daughter for the hard times he now knew were upon them.

One hot summer day, travelers, mercenaries and hardened soldiers by appearance arrived in the hamlet. The villagers were wary and distrustful of them as they could tell they brought them no good will. They demanded to speak with Avaline, and Leander welcomed them in the hopes of finding answers in the news they would bring from the outside world.

The leader of the visitors explained that he had heard of Avalines talents and wished to see for himself if they were true. He had some plans in mind for the future and wished for some guidance on how best to proceed in them. Avaline saw into the mans heart and knew his plans bore no good for anyone. Leander trusted in his wife, but believed that if the man were shown the evil that could come about from his desires, he would rethink his plans and so persuaded Avaline to honor their guests request.

Avaline acquiesced and worked long and hard for days and nights bringing to the loom the visions the Gods brought to her.

Nhya was distrustful of the leader whose cold blue eyes seemed to follow her every move and took a particular interest in her. He asked her many questions about her past, her upbringing, what she remembered of her youth and seemed amused at her answers as if he knew the punch line to the joke she was the subject of, but not privy to. She did her best to avoid him and concentrated on assisting her mother, bringing her food and water and watching with growing horror the images that came to life on her mother ’s loom.

As the violence increased and the villagers seemed to finally succumb to the evil sickness that had insidiously creeping into their souls, Avaline finished the weaving and with a scream looked in horror at what she had created. Leander rushed to he side with Nhya close behind as they looked upon the devastating scene of their precious village being overtaken by a great evil, turning kinsman against kinsman and the Leader who had come to their home asking for guidance at the head of the evil army his men were now revealed to be. The glamor he had laid over he and his men now melted away and too late they saw their guests for what they were.

The Leader laid siege to the keep with the villages, once beloved family of the Ravenswoods assisting, pitchforks and cleavers in hand, tortured eyes and straining faces surging to enter and tear apart all they found inside. Leander and Avaline, realizing that their days were about to end, gathered Nhya and packed her a small pack and in it placed a letter she was to open if they were to not survive this ordeal. In it, her father told her, were the names of friends she could go to, who would keep her safe and continue her training so she could one day fight back this evil that had claimed their home. Nhya refused to leave their side, standing with her parents to fight as the Leader and his horde of men and villagers, lost to the evil, spilled into the great hall. Avaline put herself in front of her daughter and she and Leander fought bravely the visitors who has come to their home but could not bear to raise arms against their people whom they knew to be under a spell. And so as Nhya fought bravely, her parents fell under the crude weapons and attacks of the very people they had sworn to protect. Nhya screamed and rushed to her parents side, to cradle her mothers head in her lap. She gazed up at the Leader and for the first time, hate burned clear and bright in her eyes. “I will strike your head from your accursed body you foul scum!” She shrieked and rushed at him, sword drawn. He calmly motioned for his men and the villages to hold and batted away her sword. He then clenched her throat in his hand and looked at her bemused. “You could not have stopped this. Not you, not your parents. I wanted you to KNOW what was coming. To have your parents see everything they had worked so hard to protect come to an end and know they could not save it. Including their precious daughter.”

“I will kill you!” Nhya snarled spitting in his face.

“Perhaps someday you will. It would be so much sweeter if you remembered. Remember who you are Elenhya Ravenswood. And I will be waiting when you do.”

With that the Leader hit Nhya aside the head brutally with his sword hilt and she slipped into unconsciousness.

When Nhya awoke it was days later and the home she had loved was in a shambles around her. The keep was empty of the love that had inhabited it before, and tearfully she laid her parents to rest. She swore revenge on those who has brought this evil to her home and her people. She opened the letter her father had secreted in her pack and reading it knew where she had to go. There, at the monasterygmailgg her father had directed her to go to she swore she would hone her skills so that she may exact her revenge one day.

Elenhya "Nhya" Ravenswood

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