Ver'ali Ranger Druid


Level 2 Ver’ali (elf)


Born in the trees of Lir’Ennen, Nayeva was a creature of nature from birth. Her Ver’ali upbringing allowed her to fully explore the wonders of Nature and she grew to worship Qua’la, or what some of the N’ali, non-elven folk, called the Evernear, or the Watcher of the Wood. She left her birth family in adolescence to live her days out in worship and learning within the Re’lorin, or the Green Grove, home to the priests who watch over the woods of her homeland.

As are all druids, she was bound to a teacher so that knowledge may be passed in intimacy. This was an elder Ver’ali named Ervenil, one who had seen many centuries within the Grove. He took her under his wing, teaching her about the realms in which she lived, and the ones which connected to the Evernear. Ervenil was a Grey Guardian, and this meant his task was protecting the lands he loved from the unnatural for as long as he took breath. Much of his experience in this involved the unliving things, or undead, brought back to this world from the Shadow beyond, and

She took to her druidic studies with zeal, and yet she had a natural talent with the ancient weapons of her race, the bow and arrow. As she grew and learned more of the flora and fauna in her native region, Ervenil, would often send her out with a scouting party as one of her daily chores. This helped to give her some practical application for her natural skill with the bow, and to bring her into more contact with N’ali, or non-elven peoples, and the long hated enemies of the Ver’ali, the savage orcs.

Nayeva came to know many of the creatures or her region, and some she gave names to. One of these was a peculiar being she came to call Liltrix, it being a very small and very sneaky unicorn. She developed a fondness for Liltrix and though her teacher never saw the creature with her, Ervenil encouraged her fondness for it, and all others, no matter how odd it seemed to him.

Once, after a pilgrimage to the White Grove on the Arcadian peninsula, Ervenil returned fightened and worried. He would not speak of what he was afraid of with Nayeva, and soon thereafter, he took ill. He soon seemed to lack strength for regular activity, and spoke of constant pain. Eventually, during one of their lessons, he collapsed, writhing in agony. He remained like this for days, with many Children of the Grove trying their best to give him relief. After four days, he stopped moving, but wasn’t dead. Nayeva was with him when he faded, as it was called. Ervenil spoke the words ‘white grove,’ drew in a sharp breath, and then sank into his stupor, his eyes staring at something no one else could see.

Nayeva was heartbroken and lost. She remained with Ervenil for weeks, reading to him, calling on Qua’la to bless him but he never stirred. She resolved to find out what had befallen her teacher, and friend, and began her own pilgrimage. She was headed to the White Grove, herself, the druid Hearth on the Arcadian peninsula meant for only those most learned and senior, to consult with the Great Teacher there about the happenings she had seen, and what had befallen Ervenil.

She travelled by land, living in the trees and the shadows, and evading danger with her skills of scouting and survival as best she could. She kept mostly near the coast to avoid some of the darker recesses of the forested land, and soon came near the town of Havenport, the gateway to the Arcadian peninsula. Passing through the town of Havenport, she noted something amiss but thought her time amidst the trees and with her own people the cause of her fears. The night she came upon the town, as she was about to take trance, she was taken by cold and firm hands, and dropped into a sleep from which should would not awake for days …


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