Arannis Arvannor

Eladrin Swordmage


Level 2


Born of noble blood in the Sen’ali city of Kas’Alir, Arannis was trained well in sword and arts arcane. His sire is Ra’Vannaran Arvannor, commander of the Teroderin, the Eagle’s Claw, the elite defenders of Kas’Alir. He was his father’s only son, and as such, would one day hold a seat in the Silver Order, the ruling parliament of Kas’Alir. Kas’Alir is the Sen’ali home, citadel, and bridge between the Twilight and the world we know. Though other eladrin homes exist, this is the root of Sen’ali lore and society on Garulia.

Ersinil was Arannis’s mother and a summoner of the Fey tower, Mir’Alitir. She was accomplished and part of the lorekeepers of Kas’Alir, responsible for the ancient scrying and divinations of the world, and those beyond. Kas’Alir had many enemies across the myriad planes and worlds, and divinations and summoning were how the Sen’Ali stayed ahead of those looking to destroy their ancient world.

Since the Vanishing, when the Gods of the heavens broke from contact, some of the the Sen’ali of Kas’Alir began searching for the cause. While they did not revere any particular deity, over the centuries, some sects within the Ffolk came to honor and pray to some of the deities of the N’ali pantheon for the ideals that they represented. One example is Xymentha, the human deity of magical power and control. Many of the Sen’ali who ever turned to her believed that she was of eladrin decent, which only added to their faith in what she represented.

Ersinil was one such Sen’ali. Arannis’s mother believed in the Lady of Magic, and her faith became a matter of dissension between herself and Vannaran. This faith caused a rift in Arannis’s house and he was constantly asked to choose sides between his father and the duties he was tasked with, and his mother and the hope and love she tried to bring to his life. The tear that slowly grew between the house became evident to all who knew them.

To try to bring her house back in line, Arannis’s mother began researching more into the Vanishing, and the Lost Ones. Ersinil tried using her skills to contact any of them, not just the ones known for righteous paths. She often fled Kas’Alir to aid her research, and was reprimanded several times by Vannaran, and even once that Arannis’ knew of by the Lir Hassor, the lorekeepers. She beseeched Vannaran to accompany her, or to sit with some of the rituals she was creating, but he would not, convinced that he would be destroying the last remaining faith the Teroderin, and Kas’Alir had placed in House Arvannor.

On one fateful day, it all came to a head, and Arannis only knows the outcome as relayed to him by the Silver Order. Supposedly, his mother delved too far into the recesses of the ether in looking for her Lost Ones, and the knowledge tore her mind apart. She rampaged through the house, and slew numerous Sen’Ali with some terrible magic, and when Vannaran arrived, they battled. The Order said that they did not know much more but the result was that Ersinil was gone, Vannaran was missing, and many members of the House Arvannor were slain.

With no one else to stand before the Order, Arannis did his duty, and sentence was passed on him for his House. Leadership of the house would pass to a cousin within House Arvannor, and he, as well as his mother and father, were banished from Kas’Alir. Arannis left after saying goodbyes to those who did not shun him, and with only a mild ceremony, he was cast out. Arannis intended to find out the missing pieces of his story, and set out to the south to set his bearings.

After travelling for weeks, through treacherous desert, and hilly woodland, he eventually came to Havenport. Here, he began trying to find work and he bought lodgings in the Red Mane, a boarding house and tavern in Havenport named for the red hair of the family who owned it. His stay did not last long however, for when he was out on commision to investigate the nearby wood for goblin-kin, he never returned…

Arannis Arvannor

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