Visions of the Arcane

Prologue - Darkness Surrounds


The world of Shadahl is a dark and unforgiving place for all, but a living Hell for you.

For as long as you’ve known life, the Darkness has spread, coming into your lives as a seepage, and then as a flood. When you were taken by the Khalmarde, either from your travels, or from your home, any chance of a light-blessed life ended.

Now, for however long, you’ve been a prisoner, servant, or play thing of the Khalmarde in what you’ve come to call Deathhome, and what they call Felris. The place you now call home, Limbo, is a shanty town, built in a large earthen pit in a section of Felris.

The people in Limbo with you try to eek out what lives they can while waiting for the death they know, or hope, will come too soon. There are not many good days and the nature of all folk rises to the surface here, both for good and ill.

The days are filled with tasks for all in Limbo, whether it’s tended to the wounded who have returned from “work,” or sending more out into the city to meet the daily demands of the sentient undead who harbor you. The workload is brutal, often gruesome, and sometimes fatal, with all manner of needs to be solved for necessity, and pleasures, alike.

This is your place now, regardless of background, origin or history, and this is what you live with every day. This is where our story begins…



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