Visions of the Arcane is a game campaign set in the world of Shadahl. It is a custom campaign not following printed materials exactly, but I hold the right to add them in if they fit and they work within the story.

The ruleset will use D&D 4e; my first 4e DM campaign. All material is under consideration but I intend to narrow it down to a focused set to keep things simple for myself, and the players, who are also not as familiar with 4e.

This Campaign with six players will last as long as all parties are interested.

Campaign Flavor:

VoA has a horror, survival, teamwork flavor for the characters. The setting is mainly a world gone to hell in some fashion and the characters are some of those striving to right it. It makes heavy use of the Points of Light mechanic that 4e tried to bring back into the D&D feel.

Campaign Schedule:

Next Session: Saturday, September 25th, 2010 – D’s House

This campaign will strive to meet once a month, using an afternoon into evening for as long as folks want to play, which will put most sessions on a Saturday, or Sunday. If we all agree to meet more often, or to delay for other commitments, so be it. Please treat this like any other scheduled activity, where people expect you to be present and accounted for unless otherwise notified.

Where to start?:

  • Adventure Log
    • Read this prologue detailing the scenario start for you and your companions. All adventures will be journaled here as we have them. Then …
  • Creation Rules Wiki
    • Start your character idea from these rule guidelines. Then …
  • Setting History
    • As told by a former King, read some more background information on the setting’s broader view which may help you decide how your character fits into this world.

Visions of the Arcane

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